A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created for PIGSquad's June 2019 Summer Slow Jams, June 18th-28th.

Technical theme: "Arcade", Creative theme: "Occult-classic"

  • Project Lead / Producer: Zach Hill
  • Programming / Integration: Johnny Viel
  • 3D Modeling / art: Nico Skorzewski (Instagram @doctor96)
  • Music: Dylan Paris

Install instructions

RNothing to  install!

Requires XBox style gamepad to play.

macOS: run InfectedSteel.app

windows: in the main folder, run InfectedSteel.exe


InfectedSteel.app.zip 46 MB
InfectedSteel.zip 29 MB


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This is a very cool game! I'd love to see this expanded in full.

Thank you so much Sayaka! I would love to see that as well. The project is on hold for now, but far from forgotten. I will return to make a full release when my schedule permits. Could be up to a couple years before development continues, though.